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Things to consider when buying a scooter...

Certain medical conditions will generally rule out a scooterin favor of a powerchair (primary indoors use – OK for outdoors use as well).

  1. Indoor or Outdoor
  2. Steering wheel or Joystick
  3. Space needs


Scooters operate using a two handed tiller (like a motorcycle). They are generally best used when functional limitations are mild to moderate.

The powerchair operates with a joy stick. It can be driven with one or two fingers! Powerchairs can be configured as either left or right hand drive.

Assistive Technology (Rehab) powerchairs are available that can be operated without the use of hands. (call for more information). If trunk stability and ability to transfer are an issue,a powerchair is the recommended choice. If navigating tight areas are a concern then the powerchair is the right choice due to its tight turning radius. They may also be insurance covered.

In choosing a powerchair there are three primary considerations:

Be sure to purchase a powerchair with sufficient weight capacity to
handle whatever weight you may be within the next 5 years.

  1. Weight Capacity.

  2. Seat size and comfort.

  3. Portability concerns.


Seat width should be a top consideration.

Widths range from 17” to 26” and most people are comfortable with an 18 -20” seat width.

If you need a seat cushion such as gel-foam, then either purchase a folding powerchair and add a cushion, or order your powerchair with a solid seat pan and cushion. (Customer service can assist you with this).


Mobility and Portability

Portable powerchairs break down to anywhere between 35 and 85 lbs. If you want to be truly portable without purchase of a vehicle mounting lift or rack then you will want to choose one of our portable models.

Full Size(Captains Seat) Powerchairs have larger batteries and thus longer range between charging, more comfortable seating, and larger ground clearance. For outdoors use, they are preferred over portables.

Be sure to purchase a powerchair with sufficient weight capacity to handle whatever weight you may be within the next 5 years.


If you do not need a Powerchair for the benefit of simple one hand use and tight turning radius then go with the Scooter!

Check list before you decide to purchase a mobility scooter


  1. Make sure that you have adequate vision and judgment to navigate a scooter safely.
  2. Make sure that you possess sufficient strength, range of motion, and endurance while using hands and arms to guide the scooter using a tiller. (Scooters are guided by tillers, which are function similar to the handlebars of a bicycle).
  3. It will be important to have adequate trunk stability. (Seating options are limited so the user must be able to hold him or herself erect.)
  4. Decide up front whether or not you plan to transport it. (Either purchase a portable scooter or hitch mount lift or rack.)
  5. Having a mobility scooter will increase your access to different environments (and definitely makes getting around more fun!).
  6. If you or caregivers have questions regarding the safety and handling of a mobility scooter — we can help with your selection.

Primary Scooter Criteria:


  • Weight Capacity. Scooters weight capacity ranges from 250 – 500 lbs. Make sure that your scooter will carry your weight!
  • Seat size and comfort. Portable scooters offer only basic seat with 17-18” width. If you need more comfort go to a full size with captain’s seat!
  • Portability and navigation: For quick break apart and tighter turning radius select a portable scooter (3 wheel scooters are superior for turning radius, which is important for navigating indoors).
  • Portables For outdoors use: you may want to purchase an extended range model with 18 to 21 AH (amp hour) batteries. Although three wheelers are highly stable, four wheelers may be better for added safety, or if you are concerned with possibly encountering uneven terrain or thresholds.
  • Benefits of full size scooters: Larger batteries (Longer range), higher weight capacity, more comfortable seat, option of headlight/turn signals, greater ground clearance, and faster top speed are all big benefits.
  • NOTE: Whatever scooter you select you want to be careful that the battery size (minimum of 12 AH – 18AH or above is best) and speed (4+ mph) are going to get you around adequately. Often turning radius is a big issue many people do not consider…. Again, call or come in for expert advice!
  • Speed: Small scooters speed is usually in the 3.5 - 4.5 mph range. Mid size scooter usually have a top range of 4 – 5 mph. Many or our full size scooters offer speeds of 6 to 9 MPH, with top speed available of 15 MPH +.
  • E-Scooters: Faster speed is definitely more fun, saves you $$$ on (no) gas, and gets you there faster; but you need to be confident with your stability and basic reflexes to avoid an accident.



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